The Huntington Humidor
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The History of the Nook
Founded over 15 years ago, The Huntington Humidor has become Huntington Village's NUMBER ONE cigar shop.

We cator to all walks of life and participate in a wide array of fun events.  From fishing trips to bar-b-q's and everthing in between, the Huntington Humidor has been dedicated to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied, in both their smoking experience and in their social scene.

Banya Trip 2008
Located on New Street in Huntington Village, the Huntington Humidor is one of the few remaining shops in town whose original Tin ceiling and sidings have remained unchanged since the nineteen thirties.  We are proud of this fact and we feel that the old, rustic look adds a certain aura to the place, making it even more special. 

Smoking Gun 2008

We also provide a wide range of product, from A. Fuente to Zino Platinum and we specialize in the procurment of extremely rare cigars such as the Opus X and Anejo's, the Padron Anniversary Series, the RYJ Museum, the Gurkha Crest, the Tatuaje Cojonu's, the Camacho Liberty, CAO eXtreme's, the Oliva V and Master Blend 3, La Flor Dominicana's FP III and the Limitado III to name but a few examples.

No I.D.? - NOW we have a problem.
We are driven by customer satisfaction, and we strive for excellence.  It is our goal to ensure quality of product while making your smoking experience a pleasurable one.

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